YOUTH FOR EXCHANGE AND COOPERATION
                                                       Is a Youth NGO created by young people and for young people.
                                                       The main  objectives of the organisation are to unite young people of different cultures
                                                       and  religions, to promote cultural diversity, to encourage volunteerism and to create new opportunities
                                                       for youth.
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                                                 ISTITUTO SUORE PIE OPERAIE DELL’ IMMACOLATA CONCEZIONE
                                                 Is offering Education of formal learning to the citizens of San Benedetto del Tronto and youngsters for                                                            providing new opportunities for young people and especially women to get employed.
                                                 The organization has a long experience on projects working with youth and adults for 10 years, offering                                                        courses, seminars and workshops of non-formal and formal education.
 Phone number: +39 3389454709 - email:
  web page:


                                                     Was established as NGO in order to promote equality between young people, developing projects and                                                       programs aimed at preventing discrimination for any reason: birth, race, sex, religion or                                                                                 personal and social status as well as the implementation of projects and  programs of international                                                         cooperation and community development.

Phone number: +34 622751516 - email: web page:

                                                     GEORGIAN YOUTH FOR BETTER FUTURE

                                                     Is a youth NGO which is focused on youth development. The main aim of the organization is to                                                                   support young people to develop their innovative ideas and to empower them with new skills and                                                             competences which will help them in their future career.


Phone number: +995 595101006 - email: web page:

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