17-18 February 2018, Yerevan,Armenia

Conference Agenda

Youth Entrepreneurship Conference took place in Yerevan, Armenia from
17-18 February 2018.
It involved young people, youth workers, prospective entrepreneurs, start-up experts, successful practitioners coming from four partnering countries. Besides the participants guest speakers, and start up experts have been invited to the event.

Among the guests of the Conference were the First Deputy Chairman of Tourism Committee of Armenia Mr. Mekhak Apresyan and head of Yerevan Municipality Tourism Department Mr. Gevorg Orbelyan, who have had a welcome speech and presentations about the state of tourism sector in Armenia, as well as about the activities and projects that are implemented by State and Yerevan Municipality to increase touristic attractiveness of Yerevan and Armenia as a whole.
Ms. Carmen Grlica from EU Delegation in Armenia joined the Conference to discuss the relevance of the event to the needs of participating youngsters.

The conference served as a launch of the Project bringing together all the interested stakeholders and at the same time it served as a platform for exchange of success stories, good practices and knowledge from the experience of participating guest speakers and successful young businessmen (including those that have achieved success in their young ages).

The main objective of the Conference was to introduce the international and local development prospects of tourism sector, existing opportunities that the sector offers in each of the project countries and relevant public policies supporting youth entrepreneurship or SME development, as well as innovative and new product creation opportunities relevant to the sector.