28 July -01 August,2018, Madrid , Spain.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Workshop which is the 3rd stage
of the project “Dream,Believe, Achieve” took place in Madrid, Spain
from 28 July -01 August, 2018.

It involved 28 participants from the participating countries.

The main aim of the workshop was to raise the awareness of the
participants about the process, challenges and risks of starting up
a new business as well as to equip them with the tools required for
a successful start-up.











The workshop was a follow-up of a previous training course and the participants were asked to develop and present their business plans.

During the 3 days of the workshop the participants had opportunity to learn about scalable entrepreneurship, got to know CANVAS model and how to apply it. Participants learnt also how to chose a favorable market for start-up and elements of start-up marketing strategy.
The business plans were analyzed, and a detailed feedback on how to improve the plan has been given to participants by the experts. 



Participants also visited  “Center for Innovation of the Tourism Sector of the Sierra Norte de Madrid” and Agroturismo “El Capriolo” which is a hostelry establishment that is in the rural environment with an associated agricultural and farming exploitation and learnt about the key aspects of starting and running a business.

Participants had also opportunity to visit Madrid and its most important sites as well as to taste traditional food in Spanish restaurant.


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